Easiest Way to Cook Appetizing NESTUM® Prawn Fritters

NESTUM® Prawn Fritters – This recipe is perfect for when you have no idea what to cook. You can have NESTUM® Prawn Fritters using 13 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of NESTUM® Prawn Fritters

  1. You need 170 g of plain flour.
  2. It’s 1 of level tsp baking powder.
  3. You need 30 g of NESTUM® All Family Cereal Original.
  4. You need 1/2 tsp of salt.
  5. Prepare 5 stalks of (around 30 g) Chinese chives – cut into 2 cm lengths.
  6. It’s 200 g of medium-size shelled prawns.
  7. It’s 180 ml of water.
  8. You need of oil for frying.
  9. You need of Chilli Sauce:.
  10. It’s 1/2 cup of MAGGI® chilli sauce.
  11. You need 3 tbsp of natural white vinegar.
  12. Prepare 2 tbsp of hot water.
  13. You need 2 cloves of garlic – finely chopped.

NESTUM® Prawn Fritters Instructions

  1. Sift flour and baking powder together into a mixing bowl. Stir in NESTUM®, salt and chives. Add water and stir together to make a thick batter.
  2. Heat oil in a saucepan to a depth of 4 cm – over medium heat. Heat a ladle in the oil for 3 – 5 minutes before spooning batter into the ladle, ¾ full. Top with a prawn and immediately immerse ladle in the hot oil. Wait for fritter to form a crust before easing it out with the tip of a knife. Let fritter continue frying in the hot oil till golden brown. Remove and drain in a wire basket.
  3. Serve warm, accompanied with chilli sauce (made by stirring all the ingredients listed in a small bowl).