Recipe: Tasty Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil

Sheet pan shrimp boil – This recipe is perfect for when you have no idea what to cook. You can cook Sheet pan shrimp boil using 10 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Sheet pan shrimp boil

  1. Prepare of Shrimp.
  2. Prepare of Red potatoes.
  3. You need of Frozen corn on the cob.
  4. Prepare of Sausage.
  5. Prepare of Onion.
  6. Prepare of minced garlic.
  7. It’s of Melted butter.
  8. You need of Old bay seasoning.
  9. You need of Hot sauce.
  10. It’s of Lemon.

Sheet pan shrimp boil Instructions

  1. Boil potatoes first and the frozen corn, these take the longest to cook, so you just want to pre cook them not cooked all the way.
  2. Take melted butter add to a big bowl and add all spices and hot sauce, minced garlic mix up.. and throw in the shrimp, potatoes, corn, cut onion, slice sausages, coat everything, place on cookie sheet, squeeze some lemon juice on over it, bake in oven at 400 until shrimp is pink. About 12-15 mins give or take.
  3. Steak and shrimp